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What is coworking? (and why it’s the future!)

Just in case you need a little heads up of what’s been happening lately in terms of work life, coworking is the newest style of work that is taking the world by storm. Even little old Aotearoa has a taste of the sweet life. 

Coworking is a style of work, where people come together and share an office space to carry out their daily work tasks. They aren’t all from the same company, and they usually aren’t tied to the traditional 9-5 hours. 

Why would people want to do this?

We’re glad you asked! Well, it’s plain & simple… people are sick of working from home all the time!. Since the pandemic hit, a lot of office based jobs have now gone remote (which definitely has its perks too) however, some people are becoming unmotivated working from home & need a more collaborative environment to work from. Similarly, a lot of business owners who may have had an “office in the spare room” are missing that human interaction!

There is usually a buzz that comes with coworking spaces too. Not only is it where lots of startups base themselves from, there are people from many walks of life - at different ages and stages - meaning that there is an abundance of information to be learned. 

Coworking is on the rise!

Coworking offices have been around for a while, however it has really started increasing in the last couple of years. This phenomenon is happening globally, and it’s breeding a new way of life for thousands of people (at all ages)!

Gen X = 40-50 somethings
Gen Y =  20 somethings - the golden 4-0!
Gen Z = Teens to 20 somethings!

Gen X, Y & Z are all using these creative work spaces and getting into this new way of life - highlighting that working environments have nothing to do with age… (ok, maybe not tweens, but you get the picture!)

In large companies, you find that the junior staff (who are usually younger) are lumped together so they can “grind” and the senior staff (a generally older team) sit together - with less interaction between teams. 

Well, not anymore! And, you don’t even have to work for the same company to connect either!

Why not just work from home?

For those that get s*** done on a computer, technology & remote working means that all you need is Wi-Fi and somewhere to sit to get the job done. BUT coworking spaces are SO much more than just the internet and a comfy seat…They are a place for collaboration, creativity and community (our key three values here at South Space).

Working from home can be great, but as humans we need real life experiences and to kōrero kanohi ki te kanohi (have face-to-face conversations)! Coworking adds another layer of an all-learning atmosphere for anyone - even if you are an introvert. 

Goodbye Corporate Structures!

Hello the future office! As coworking becomes more popular, so does the life that follows. More flexibility, more freedom, more creativity and generally a happier way of life. 

Employees are now demanding to get rid of the rigid and strict corporate structures, and inviting a more collaborative community approach to their day-to-day work lives. 
Coworking may not seem like it is for everyone, and it can attract a certain type of personality. Typically, you find coworking is more popular with  people who like to be amongst a positive and thriving environment. 

But, as mentioned before, coworking can work for everyone - even if you are an introvert who likes to sit alone and put your headphones in to get creative. There is no prerequisite to be chatty - and no one is going to judge you if you are a lone wolf either! It is the best of both worlds. 

For someone like me, I love human interaction, but when I am in ‘the zone’ I’ll pop my headphones in, work hard and then catch up with people when I’ve finished a task. 

How do I know if a coworking space is right for me?

The answer to this one is simple! Try it all the best coworking spaces and see for yourself. There are different coworking offices for different types of people. 

Here at South Space we offer a free trial for a day so you can bring in your laptop, grab a coffee and park up at one of our desks.

After the day, you will be able to gauge if it works for you, by the interactions you’ve had, the amount of work that you’ve got done & the overall feeling after your work day is finished. 

Click here to book your free trial now! 

We look forward to seeing you & we promise, you won’t be disappointed.