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Why Coworking is Better Than Working From Home Everyday!

Yes, being able to put a load of washing on while you’re doing a work task is a huge perk of working from home. Even making yourself a fresh lunch is a novelty that doesn’t seem to wear off.  

But we are going to debunk the idea that working from home is the way forward, and try to help you realise that coworking spaces have so many benefits for you. 

As you know, the way we work is now dramatically different! More and more people who used to be confined to an office space are now able to work remotely. A remote work space doesn’t mean you have to work from home though, it means you can work anywhere - and remote coworking is the way to go! 

If you don’t know what coworking is - you can read about it on this post.

Working from home everyday isn’t what it’s cracked up to be!

Initially, everyone loved the flexibility of being able to work from home. However, overtime people have started to realise that it isn’t ideal to be doing it permanently. 

While it has allowed for a more flexible work space, and for comfier attire, many people have noticed that the distractions of working from home can interfere with your work day. 

Stats have shown that online shopping, gaming, and even giving your furry animal all the attention in the world, has meant that less productivity is happening in front of our screens. Which can be nice sometimes, but if you’re faced with these distractions every day- it can start to affect your overall work! 

Keep your business life and work life separate.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance becomes extremely blurred when you are in the same four walls all the time! Having a movie on in the background can distract you from working, and then work can distract you from watching that action packed scene. 

A lot of people have found that focusing on work tasks, or leisure activities around the home have now all blurred into one & it is hard to concentrate on one thing.

At a coworking space, productivity is higher as everyone is there to do the same thing. When you are in an environment where everyone is working, you are more likely to mirror what is happening around you. 

Setting clear boundaries to separate your work and personal life is extremely important, as it increases your efficiency overall, and it also helps you to not burn out and stress in your personal life. (Because let’s be honest - we don’t want to be worried about the email that’s just came through while trying to watch Netflix)

Not having the interruptions and distractions from working from home, means that once you are sitting down in front of your computer at your coworking office, you can carry on working with FULL concentration.

Short term - working from home is fine, but long-term it can be extremely damaging. When using an office space for the day - you can switch off when you get home, put your feet up, flick on the tele and not worry about work. Disconnecting from the world of work is exactly what your brain needs! 

Human Interaction is a MUST!

Loneliness is a huge factor in why coworking offices are extremely beneficial. We can all agree that after the weeks, months and years of being trapped inside, we all crave a bit of human interaction. 

Us humans are social beings, and feeling isolated is a huge problem to us. Especially, long term. If you are coworking, you are constantly being surrounded by people and communication can occur at many points - even just going to order a coffee. You can choose to interact as little or as much as you want! 

Having an office space for a day is the best way to say goodbye to boredom and loneliness in your own home. You can surround yourself with like-minded people in your community, and chat with people from different walks of life that you normally wouldn’t. 

If you are in a start-up or are an entrepreneur then a coworking environment will also expand your network and it is a great way to find new opportunities. 

You never know when a new door might open… whereas at home… the only doors that are opening are the ones to the fridge (or the one collecting all of those online orders).

I’ve had my fair share of working from home for months & have tried out multiple different coworking locations. And honestly… a coworking space is hands down better than sitting by yourself on the couch (or listening to your flat mates zoom meetings)!

I like to mix it up with a day at home and the rest of the time in a coworking space. Having a day at home, where I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere, or walking around the house in my pjs for a morning is great, but keeping my personal and work life separate is a must, along with having human interaction - all the things that coworking spaces are made for!

Working in a creative industry, it is much more beneficial being in a creative work space. I feel happier, more productive and when I close my laptop at the end of the day, I feel satisfied with the work I’ve produced. 

Not sure if the coworking life is for you? Don’t worry! We have free trial days here at South Space - so you can see if you really are more productive and happier at the end of your day! Click here to book your spot now.