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Meet The Artist: Zoey Singh

Every other month, we're going to be highlighting a new emerging Artist at South Space. Our corresponding artist will also have their art on the wall for the month. From November to January, we're showcasing Feel The Vibe - art by Zoey Singh. Come and have a look!...

November 15, 2022

Why Coworking is Better Than Working From Home Everyday!

Yes, being able to put a load of washing on while you’re doing a work task is a huge perk of working from home. Even making yourself a fresh lunch is a novelty that doesn’t seem to wear off.   But we are going to debunk the idea that working from home is the way forward, and try to help you realise that coworking spaces have so many benefits for you.  As you know, the way we work is now dramatically different! More and more people who used to be confined to an office space are...

November 8, 2022

What is coworking? (and why it’s the future!)

Just in case you need a little heads up of what’s been happening lately in terms of work life, coworking is the newest style of work that is taking the world by storm. Even little old Aotearoa has a taste of the sweet life.  Coworking is a style of work, where people come together and share an office space to carry out their daily work tasks. They aren’t all from the same company, and they usually aren’t tied to the traditional 9-5 hours. ...

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